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Cuban Missile Crisis Declassified docs reference.

1. USSR, Memorandum, A. Adzhubei’s Account of His Visit to Washington to the CC CPSU, March 12, 1962. (in original Russian with English translation) PDF 768 Kb

2. CIA, Minutes, SECRET, "Meeting with the Attorney General of the United States Concerning Cuba," 19 January 1962 (Richard Helms). PDF 116Kb

3. DOD, Memorandum, TOP SECRET, "Cover and Deception Plans for Caribbean Survey Group," 19 February 1962 (Operation Northwoods). PDF 638Kb

4. Brig. Gen. Edward Lansdale, “Review of OPERATION MONGOOSE,” Phase One, July 25, 1962. PDF 432Kb

5. “National Security Action Memorandum No. 181,” Presidential Directive on actions and studies in response to new Soviet Bloc Activity in Cuba, August 23, 1962. PDF 187Kb

6. CIA, Minutes, TOP SECRET, "Minutes of Meeting of the Special Group (Augmented) on Operation Mongoose," 4 October 1962. PDF 186Kb

7. Chronology Compiled for The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), "Chronology of Specific Events Relating to the Military Buildup in Cuba," Undated [Excerpt]. PDF 198Kb

8. DOD, Transcripts, SECRET, “Notes taken from Transcripts of Meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, October-November 1962: Dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis.”
PDF 703Kb

9. CIA Special National Intelligence Estimate, “Major Consequences of Certain U.S. Courses of Action on Cuba,” October 20, 1962. PDF 545Kb

10. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, military briefing, “Notes on October 21, 1962 Meeting with the President.” PDF 217Kb

11. USSR, directive, TOP SECRET, Malinovsky’s Order to Pliyev, October 22, 1962.
PDF 40Kb

12. “Radio-TV Address of the President to the Nation from the White House,” October 22, 1962. PDF 267Kb

13. Dillon group discussion paper, “Scenario for Airstrike Against Offensive Missile Bases and Bombers in Cuba,” October 25, 1962. PDF 1.16Mb

14. Prime Minister Fidel Castro’s letter to Premier Khrushchev, October 26, 1962.
PDF 49Kb

15. CIA daily report, "The Crisis USSR/Cuba," October 27, 1962. PDF 355Kb

16. Cable received from U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Raymond Hare to State Department regarding Turkish missiles, October 26, 1962. PDF 783Kb

17. DOJ, Memorandum, TOP SECRET, “Memorandum for the Secretary of State from the Attorney General,” on Robert Kennedy’s October 27 Meeting with Dobrynin, October 30, 1962. PDF 87Kb

18. USSR, Cable, TOP SECRET, Dobrynin Report of Meeting with Robert Kennedy on Worsening Threat, October 27, 1962. PDF 138Kb

19. U.S. Navy, TOP SECRET/SECRET/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY, Charts/deck logs of anti-submarine warfare operations related to USSR submarine B-59, October 1962.
PDF 1,3Mb

20. USSR, Memoir, “Recollections of Vadim Orlov (USSR Submarine B-59): We will Sink Them All, But We will Not Disgrace Our Navy,” (2002). PDF 107Kb

21. Aspectos importantes contenidos en los informes ofrecidos por los jefes militares reunidos el día 24 de octubre de 1962 en el Estado Mayor General con el Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro. PDF 21Kb

22. USSR, draft directive, Directive to the Commander of Soviet Forces in Cuba on transfer of Il-28s and Luna Missiles, and Authority on Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons, September 8, 1962. PDF 62Kb

23. USSR, Directive, TOP SECRET, Prohibition on Use of Nuclear Weapons without Orders from Moscow, October 27, 1962, 16:30. PDF 37Kb

24. USSR, Directive, TOP SECRET, CC CPSU Presidium Instructions to Pliyev in Response to His Telegram, October 27, 1962. PDF 73Kb

25. USSR, Letter, from Chairman Khrushchev to Prime Minister Castro, October 28, 1962. PDF 41Kb

26. Cuba, Letter, from Prime Minister Castro to Chairman Khrushchev, October 28, 1962. PDF 45Kb

27. White House, “Post Mortem on Cuba,” October 29, 1962. PDF 211Kb

28. USSR, Letter, from Chairman Khrushchev to Prime Minister Castro, October 30, 1962. PDF 114Kb

29. Cuba, Letter, from Prime Minister Castro to Chairman Khrushchev, October 31, 1962. PDF 76Kb

30. Bromley Smith, “Summary Record of NSC Executive Committee Meeting,” November 2, 1962. PDF 199Kb

31. Bromley Smith, “Summary Record of NSC Executive Committee Meeting,” November 5, 1962. PDF 189Kb

32. USSR, Memorandum of Conversation between Mikoyan and Cuban Leaders, TOP SECRET, November 5, 1962 (Evening). PDF 669Kb

33. USSR, Telegrams from Malinovsky to Pliyev, TOP SECRET, Early November (circa 5 November) 1962. PDF 56Kb

34. USSR, Ciphered Telegram from Mikoyan to CC CPSU, TOP SECRET, November 6, 1962. PDF 589Kb

35. President Kennedy's letter to Premier Khrushchev, November 6, 1962. PDF 387Kb

36. General Maxwell Taylor, “Chairman’s Talking Paper for Meeting with the President,” November 16, 1962. PDF 221Kb

37. Cuba, Order, TOP SECRET, Authorizing Anti-Aircraft Fire, November 17, 1962.
PDF 61Kb

38. Cuba, Order, TOP SECRET, Rescinding Authorization to Initiate Anti-Aircraft Fire November 18, 1962. PDF 50Kb

39. USSR, Instructions from CC CPSU Presidium to Mikoyan, TOP SECRET, November 22, 1962. PDF 64Kb

40. Hungary, Embassy, Havana, Telegram, TOP SECRET, “The Essence of Soviet-Cuban Divergences of Opinion,” December 1, 1962. PDF 217Kb

41. Great Britain, Dispatch, CONFIDENTIAL, British Ambassador in Cuba to Foreign Office, “The Cuban Crisis – Chapters I and II,” November 10, 1962 (with minutes from FO’s American Department as cover). PDF 444Kb


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